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Smart, efficient employee benefits & pension services

Better technology, better service, and better benefits and pension outcomes for you and your members.

We provide third party health benefits and pension administration, payments and consulting services. We specialize in multi-employer trusts and complex benefits and pension plans, all built on leading edge technology and best-in-class customer service.


Third Party Administration

We provide a full range of services required to administer benefit and pension programs. A team of experts will perform all necessary administration functions on your behalf, or supports you in your self administration of plan member eligibility.


Benefits & Pension Consulting

We build, oversee and review health benefit and pension plans, ensuring that your plans are aligned with your requirements, relationships and budgets. Working with multi-employer trusts and corporations, we provide professional analysis and recommendations for health and welfare programs, pension programs, and investment analysis.


Contribution/Premium Collection Monitoring

Our services meet the unique needs of multi employer plans, including monitoring and recording employer/employee contributions to maintain up-to-date plan participant eligibility and employer records maintenance services that ensure remittance and payment processing, delinquency management, and financial record keeping are current and accurate.

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Manion adjudicates claims for a number of different insurers using a leading technology platform, including our all-in-one benefits cards. Claims are processed quickly and accurately by our claims team and supported by our bilingual claims and contact centre experts.

  • Reliability & accuracy

    • Qualified claims adjudicators
    • Automated claims system, for consistent adjudication and rule application
    • Fraud monitoring and support
    • Managed health care strategies for drug plan
  • Convenience & flexibility

    • Online claims and information via myManion portal and app
    • Electronic EDI submission by dentists and pharmacists
    • Electronic e-Claims submission for health practitioners through TELUS network
    • Bilingual contact centre agents
    • High service levels, including industry-leading real-time claims adjudication
    • Customized benefit cards with Rx, dental and out of country information
    • Direct deposit for plan members and health practitioners
    • Pay premiums online while on leave of absence
  • Disability claims management

    • Personalized claims treatment and solutions
    • Expert support, including direct access to certified medical consultants
    • Early intervention and claims support
    • In-house rehabilitation consulting and counseling
  • Life, AD&D and waiver of premium claims

    • Focused on insured and beneficiary support for claims submission
    • Close collaboration with insured and insurer to ensure claims are processed efficiently
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