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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I access my online account?

    1. Click here for our Frequently Asked Questions on MWA Online.
  2. What am I covered for?

    1. Your Employee Booklet outlines coverage provided by your group plan.
  3. Are my Dependents covered?

    1. Yes, if you chose family coverage for your Health & Dental benefits. You can find a listing of your dependents online in your personal member logon website.
  4. Do I need to report changes in my personal status?

    1. Yes. Contact your Plan Administrator for appropriate forms to be completed. Your personal status which may affect your coverage include:
      • Marital status (divorce/marriage/common-law)
      • Change in dependents – adding or removing dependents, including adding a birth of a child, adoption, student coverage, disabled child
  5. My spouse has benefits through his/her employer. I’m covered under his/her plan and he/she is covered under my plan. Which plan should I submit claims?

    1. This is Coordination of Benefits (COB). Payment of an eligible benefit is coordinated between your and your spouse’s plan so the total coverage amount does not exceed 100% of allowable expenses. You should submit your claims to your own insurer first. Any unpaid portion of the claim can be submitted to the your Spouse’s plan with copies of the claim and your Explanation of Benefit (EOB). Your Spouse should submit his/her claim to his/her insurer first and any unpaid portion can be submitted to your insurer with copies of her claim and her EOB. Children’s claims are submitted to the parent’s insurer that has the first birthday in the calendar year.
  6. Can I convert my Life or Disability Insurance if I leave my employer?

    1. Please refer to your employee booklet to confirm if you have a conversion privilege under these benefits. If a conversion privilege is included you have 31 days from the date of leaving your employment to apply for the applicable Life and/or Disability Individual products available by the carrier for this provision.
  7. Can I have my claim payments deposited to my bank account?

    1. Yes. This is referred to as Direct Deposit. We require your banking information to deposit directly to your bank account. You can go online and complete/update your banking information.
  8. Where can I get claim forms?

    1. Your claim forms can be obtained from your Plan Administrator or by logging online. Your forms are in our Website.
  9. How do I apply for my pension?

    1. Complete an Application for Pension Benefits Form and mail to Manion. Manion will determine pension benefit and mail member Retirement Package.
  10. Can I receive an estimate of my pension?

    1. Complete a Request for Information Form and mail it to Manion. Telephone our contact center (1-866-532-8999) to request that a form be sent to you. Manion will determine pension benefit and mail member Termination Package.
  11. When can I apply for a termination benefit?

    1. You are entitled to a termination benefit if you are no longer a member in good standing with the Union or you have not worked for a participating employer for a period of time (varies by plan), and you are not retirement eligible.
  12. When can I apply for a retirement benefit?

    1. You may elect to retire at any time on or after your 55th birthday, and no later than the first of December in the year of your 71st birthday, providing you have been a member of the Plan for at least two continuous years. If you retire between age 55 and 65, your pension may be reduced.
  13. I did not receive my pension statement.

    1. Call our contact centre at 1-866-532-8999 and confirm mailing address. The contact centre representative will request another mail-out of the Statement.
  14. I would like to change my pension beneficiary.

    1. Please call our contact centre at 1-866-532-8999 to obtain the correct form.
  15. I would like to update my mailing address.

    1. Please call our contact centre at 1-866-532-8999 to update your mailing address or make the change yourself through your MWAOnline account.
  16. What are the total hours reported to the pension plan for me?

    1. Your MWAOnline account includes a summary of all work history received since 2005. For a more complete history contact the Pension Department at 416-234-5044.
  17. When will T4As and union dues receipts be mailed?

    1. The following are the scheduled dates for distributing T4A slips and union dues receipts:
      • All T4A slips will be mailed out and available online by Wednesday, January 31st, 2018.
      • All union dues receipts will be mailed out and available online by Thursday, February 15, 2018.
  18. I did not receive my T4A?

    1. Please call our contact centre at 1-866-532-8999 and confirm your mailing address. The contact centre representative will request another mail-out of the T4A.
  19. I would like to increase the amount of tax deducted from my monthly pension.

    1. Complete a TD1 form and mail to Manion.
  20. I would like to change my banking information.

    1. Complete Direct Deposit Application Form and return to Manion or logon to your MWAOnline account and update your account.
  21. I would like to schedule a Pre-Retirement Information Session.

    1. Once you have applied for your retirement by completing an Application for Pension Benefits form and you are in receipt of your retirement package outlining your retirement options, please call your pension benefits administrator to schedule a session at 416-234-5044 or toll free at 1-800-263-5621.
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