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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I begin?

    1. Upon receipt of your login and password, your account is available and ready for your review. You need to connect to the internet. Open up Internet Explorer and type in the web address of You will be directed to a secure page where you will have to enter your User Id and initial password. For your initial entry onto the MWAOnline site, you will be asked to read the terms and conditions page, and then click “I Accept” to go further.
  2. How do I contact MWAOnline Support?

    1. Our Contact Centre agents are available to assist you with any questions or concerns you have by:
      Email: or
      Phone: (416) 234-3511 or 1-866-532-8999 (M-T, 7:30AM – 7:30PM, EST; F, 7:30 AM – 5:30PM, EST)
      Mailing Address:
      Manion Wilkins & Associates Ltd.
      500 – 21 Four Seasons Pl,
      Etobicoke ON, M9B 0A5
  3. What browser is required?

    1. MWAOnline is designed for use with Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 or higher. It is a secured site that requires the encryption certificate to be enabled. For more information or to download a version of Internet Explorer, click on the link below.
      Internet Explorer
  4. What if I have trouble signing in?

    1. First, it is necessary to double check that your internet connection is live. The easiest way is to try opening Internet Explorer and see if it opens up to a live page. Second, make sure you have the web address correctly typed into the address bar in the browser. Copy exactly as shown below:
      Web address:
      Click here to be automatically directed to the site.
      Third, once you are at the sign in screen, make sure that your User Id and Password are entered exactly as seen on the letter that you received from Manion Wilkins & Associates Ltd. Pay particular attention to the case of the password as it contains both upper and lower case. If you are still experience difficulty signing on, contact a Manion Wilkins & Associates Contact Centre agent by:
      Phone: (416) 234-3511 or toll free 1-866-532-8999
  5. What is my Login/User Id?

    1. Your User Id is a unique identifier that allows you to access your personal account with Manion Wilkins & Associates Ltd and is assigned when you are enrolled and have become eligible to receive health benefits from your employer/welfare plan. You will be mailed all pertinent information regarding MWAOnline as soon as you are assigned your own account. If you do not remember your User Id or have misplaced it, contact a Manion Wilkins & Associates Contact Centre by:
      Phone: (416) 234-3511 or toll free 1-866-532-8999
  6. What is my Password?

    1. Your initial password is assigned to your when your User Id is assigned. This password is system generated and contains a combination of letters in both upper/lower cases and numbers. For security purposes, change your password as soon as have successfully accessed MWAOnline for the first time. Your password is mailed to your home address on file when you receive your User Id.
  7. What if I forgot my Password?

    1. If you cannot remember your password or have misplaced your password you can request to have your password reset by contacting a Manion Wilkins & Associates Contact Center agent for assistance. Alternatively, if you have provided Manion Wilkins & Associates with an email address. Click Here to request a password reset electronically and have your new password emailed to you. If you did not provide us with your email information, a mailed copy of your new temporary password will be sent to your home address after the receipt of your request.
  8. Why do I have to change my Password?

    1. Although the initial password sent to you is unique to your account and is not viewable by anyone other than yourself, it is recommended that you change your password to one that is personal to you and is easier for you to remember.
  9. If my computer asks me to save my MWAOnline password, should I allow it to?

    1. Although at your discretion, we suggest that you should always deny saving of passwords to your computer as it may pose a security risk, especially if you have other people using your computer. The save option will save your password to the computer you are using and anyone who logs onto the site using your computer will be able to login to your MWAOnline account as you.
  10. What if I don’t have an MWAOnline account?

    1. Employers/Unions elect to sign up for MWAOnline as a service to their employees/members. If your company/union has elected to use this service, you will be notified as soon as you are enrolled and/or qualify to have an account set up for you.
      For additional information you can contact us by:
      Phone: 1-866-532-8999
      Corporate Website:

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